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the reporter learned from Wenzhou customs, in November this year, Wenzhou foreign trade imports $118 million, down 30%, exports $813 million, down 4.26%, imports and exports both negative growth for the first time the phenomenon. caused by financial crisis in the global economic downturn, Wenzhou's foreign trade export negative growth, mainly affected by the slowdown in external demand, as Wenzhou's main export market, the EU, the United States and Japan's economy to gradually decline, decline in export growth will. The negative growth of imports, on the one hand due to the recent sharp decline in international commodity prices, but the main reason is affected by the downturn in domestic demand. with mechanical and electrical products, footwear, clothing and accessories, on-off circuit protection device, glasses, synthetic leather, lighters and other major export commodities in Wenzhou, in addition to the on-off circuit protection device and glasses exports increased slightly, the rest of the main export commodities are negative growth. according to Wenzhou customs statistics show that in the EU, the United States, the United Arab Emirates and ASEAN in Wenzhou's major export markets, exports to ASEAN in November fell significantly, decreased by 24.98%, at the same time, Wenzhou footwear products from the Russian "gray customs clearance", November, Wenzhou shoe exports to Russia fell 46.58%, exports of general trade down 33.76%. (Editor: admin) December 9th Xinjiang Huoerguosi port, the biting north wind mixed with the snow, but in that even people in the north can not adapt to the climate, the Huoerguosi trade center is a group fr cheap air jordans online om the South "casual visitor". in December 10th, the reporter interviewed with doubts about this batch of unsolicited merchants, opened its Huoerguosi trade center on regardless of the cold reason: in October 5th, the Council voted to approve Chinese and Vietnam shoes impose formal anti-dumping tax scheme. Under the scheme, the European Union has imposed anti-dumping duties on leather shoes for 16.5% and 10% respectively for two years since October 7th. It is understood that the current China engaged in footwear production of more than 7200 enterprises, the annual output of 6 billion pairs, accounting for more than 50% of total world production, exports accounted for 60% of the world, high tariffs will make the next two years Chinese leather shoes exports to the EU enterprises to reduce the amount of more than 40%. the implementation of EU anti-dumping duties on leather shoes manufacturing enterprises China immediate, so there is a shoe of these different provinces go west in the depth of winter scene. in the interview, the reporter learned that this batch of Huoerguosi trade center of businessmen are various shoemakings province businessmen, Zhejiang Wenzhou, Fujian Jinjiang shoe enterprises, but also from Guangdong and other places of 4 businessmen. when a reporter asked why not respond, several executives sigh. It is understood that the implementation of anti-dumping in the European Union involved in the domestic more than 1200 shoe-making enterprises, to participate in the respondent shoes enterprises even one percent less. The reason why most shoe enterprises decide not to take part in the lawsuit is that the EU law has not jordan shoes online sale made clear provisions on the time limit for the trial, plus the burden of proof and investigation procedures are complicated, and the proceedings will take at least two years before the result. This means that the EU ruled that China's shoe enterprises to implement a two-year, tax rate of 16.5% anti-dumping measures, is likely to occur, "sanctions have been implemented", and the court proceedings have not yet been the result". In addition, there are companies that, one of the important reasons for the high cost of litigation is the enterprise to stop responding. when asked why they want to come to Xinjiang from Zhejiang, Wenzhou shoe enterprises a single general said: "since the EU announced since October 7th on China's leather shoes to levy 16.5% anti-dumping tax, our exports have plummeted, a two-year anti-dumping tax, for us this small and medium enterprises are unable to bear, in these two years, the European distributor is enough to develop new supplier base. Listen to our general agent in Xinjiang introducing the revival of Central Asia market, so I'll come over and have a look. Man can not hang on a tree, nor do we do business, Bao Ling, New York, don't mention created by Japanese fashion godmother Wakubo Rei name Dover Street Market are now settled in New York, this also with a number of brands to create exclusive branded items, including the Nike Air Python version of joint cooperation. 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There is a cleaner, you can try, there is a recipe, with liquor spray to the shoes, may also play a role in sterilization and deodorization. 3., the thickness of the sole hardness It seriously analysis of the 4. shoes maintenance for easy deformation of shoes, not wearing a CEO Tim · Cook (Cook Tim) 30 for the first time publicly acknowledged that he is gay. Cook in the "business weekly" published an article, bare their heartfelt words, and said "I am proud to be a homosexual, I think this is God give me the best gift is one of, also hope can help to those same on the issue of sexual orientation, want people to understanding should not only be in accordance with the sexual orientation, race or gender look. in fact in the NBA also has a lot of players on the player out of the closet, April 30, 2013, the 34 year old NBA veteran Jason Collins, in an interview with "Sports Illustrated" said he is gay. To make him the first in North American sports history to announce his homosexual identity. The courage of Collins quickly ushered in a wide range of admiration, including NBA Commissioner David - stern, former U. S. President Bill Clinton et al, celebrities in that matter have publicly expressed, they in Corinth proud. For Corinth's brave move, the White House praised the Jason - Corinth has become the first American professional sports to recognize that he is a gay active athletes. 2014 in April 24th, "time" magazine published the world's 100 most influential people in the world, in 2013 open their gay identity NBA player Jason - Corinth selected, Corinth has also become the cover of people. Come out of below under the inventory associated with NBA. NBA before the famous guard Jason. Kidd's son and her boyfriend have reciprocal lifetime! early before this magician's son EJ- Johnson had openly gay. as owner of the Charlotte Bobcats, Jordan and his ex-wife Huanta a total of students the three children, including two men and a woman, they are Jeffrey, Marcus and jazmin, jazmin and has been a Jordan doted on, daughter of princess. time flies, Time flies like a shuttle., Jia Simin soon grew up, and a big daughter fan. It should be a sentence, female eighteen. compared to the two nightclub addicted brother, Jia Simin is more sensible and well behaved, also makes Jordan assured. But as the saying goes, some people are not very good, then a special surprise. the original jazmin in personal social accounts published a and named Carmen's woman's photo, photo, jasmine and Carmen close cuddle together. When someone asked Jia Simin: "Carmen is your girlfriend?" When Jasmine said: "yes." However, I did not like jasmine declared out. in addition, "the smiling Assassin" Isiah - Thomas's son Zeke Thomas also in January of this year, discloses his homosexual identity.